"Without Respect to one's Belly: to give birth to and immediately give away a child - is this possible?"
an article by Rosjurconsulting Director General Konstantin Svitnev, legal expert with the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology

"ART Regulation in Russia and Elsewhere"
IV International Congress, Current Assisted Reproductive Technologies Issues: Problems and Solutions



Russian legislation on surrogacy to be changed, Konstantin Svitnev interviewed by Morning Russia.

CEO of Rosjurconsulting law firm Konstantin N. Svitnev was invited today by the Morning Russia, a popular TV show broadcasted by the Russia 1 federal TV channel as a reproductive law expert to comment on changing legislation regulating surrogacy in Russia.

Speaking on liberal Russian legislation that attracts many foreigners who cant become parents in their native countries due to imperfections of their own legislation Mr. Svitnev welcomed all reproductive tourists coming to Russia to parent a child.

Mr. Svitnev called again for a faster change of the current Russian legislation to protect the interests of the weakest and most unprotected party - a child born as a result of the implementation of the gestational surrogacy program.

A draft law that would make it impossible for the surrogate to keep the child she gestated for herself has been introduced already to the State Duma (the Russian parliament).

Another amendment in the law would keep the surrogate from interrupting the pregnancy shes bearing, the only exception being a medical condition representing a danger to her life or serious pathologies or malformations of the fetus.

Mr. Svitnev also insisted that an out-of court order of registration of surrogate children born through surrogacy to single intended fathers should be applied. As for the moment a court decision to register a surrogate child born to a single man is required by the State Registration Office (ZAGS) in Russia.

As a legal expert, Mr. Svitnev strongly opposed the conflict of interests when an IVF clinic providing medical services for a patient would also provide a surrogate, egg donor and arrange the whole program including its legal aspects at the same time. There should be a check and balance system when a few not related companies provide program-related services on an independent basis, being the clinic responsible for the medical part only.

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