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Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have daughter through a surrogate mother

The Oscar-winning Australian actress Nicole Kidman and her husband country singer Keith Urban announced the birth of their second child on December 28th, 2010 – a girl who was named Faith Margaret.

The private event would have drawn little attention if the baby had not been born through a surrogate mother. Since surrogacy is restricted and strictly regulated in Australia, Kidman and Urban made use of the surrogate mother in the U.S. The celebrities released a statement they were "truly blessed" and thankful to their "gestational carrier". Both of them are biological parents to the girl.

The news on the latest birth in the family of Kidman and Urban, both 43, was a surprise to most people, including other Hollywood icons who did not spot the actress in this interesting condition. However, in early January the actress dispelled the public's confusion revealing her experience of gestational surrogacy.

In 2008 Kidman gave birth to her first daughter with Urban - Sunday Rose. The delivery went quite smooth; nonetheless it was decided the second baby was to be born through surrogacy. Such gestational programs are getting more and more popular with famous people. For instance, Sarrah Jessica Parker and Elton John also became parents using surrogacy.

Based on reports of The Sydney Morning Herald, The Guardian and Gala.

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