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Ready to Sacrifice

Author: K.N. Svitnev
Date: 22.06.2007
"Rossiyskaya Gazeta"

Give one’s own child upon its delivery

Every day 5000 children are denied their right to be born. Abortion, legalized children’s homicide, has become casual in our lives.

1, 540, 000 deliveries go against 1,610,000 abortions in the country. However, these are only official statistics based on the data provided by state hospitals. Thus, the real numbers are drastically higher. Certain experts mention horrifying numbers of 6 up to 8 million abortions per year.

Abortions are similar to genocide. They are harmful to women’s health at any stage of pregnancy. Abortion can even result in the woman’s infertility. Thus, the problem we deal with is global, able to lead to a demographic crisis in the country.

I don’t think that abortion is likely to be ever banned in Russia. However, we can do a lot to change the lives of our compatriots and reevaluate the role of those women who are ready to give away their own children instead of killing them.

Russia traditionally condemns women leaving their children in the children’s hospitals upon the delivery. The statistics of such cases in Russia go to 50, 000 annually. Why are these women disparaged? Basically, for their intention to carry the baby for 9 months, then deliver it and leave it instead of nipping it in the bud. They might have refused it, but we do need it.

We live in the country where the population rate goes down by 850,000 people annually, where more than half of 42 million families do not have children of their own. More than 5 million couples are infertile. Some of them can afford to turn to assisted reproductive technologies centers, others cannot do that.

Many believe that infertile couples can just pass for an adoption. Let’s have a look at the statistics: today the country counts around 800, 000 children without parents. 545,000 of them have already found their families (they are under guardianship, in the families of their adoptive children). There are 260,000 left, and their health leaves much to be desired, and they are unlikely to be adopted. Russian people usually tend to adopt newborns.

However, there are around 20 million potential adoptive parents. For instance, in Moscow only there are 150,000 families waiting for adoption and 5,000 children available for adoption.

Adoption as a demographic solution can only been seen possible only after setting-up of the prenatal adoption institute in Russia. The idea is to provide women intending to make an abortion with financial support during pregnancy and after the delivery from the intended parents that will then have their baby. As a rule, abortions are caused for social reasons, majorly for ones of financial character – inability to keep up the child, unfavorable living conditions or for some social prejudices, such as the shame of being a single mother in Russia, becoming mother before marriage etc. Many women would be happy to accept this financial help and give up their own babies for other people to be finally able to raise children of their own.

Basically, the principles of the prenatal adoption can be based on the principles of surrogate motherhood in which the adoptive parents are put on the Birth Registrar as the child’s parents with the biological mother’s consent, that will not need any trials, as it happens with the traditional adoption.

Bearing a child is a very important mission, and I think that mothers giving their consent to prenatal adoption are to be rewarded. Is it moral? I think so. Any labor should be paid for, and this one in particular. Some moral activists will immediately ban it as ‘children trafficking’. Yet, is killing children better than anything? Instead of making small talk, isn’t it better to set up a fund that would save millions of women from killing their children.

To make it real, we will need a State Bank of Mothers able to pass on their children upon their birth. A similar Bank of children who have no parents has existed in Russia for many years already.

To implement this programme, no State funds are needed. What is needed is to amend the Family Code in force and a few other legislations.   

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